4 Most Appropriate Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Having thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. You must be more careful in choosing a hairstyle to support the condition of your hair.
A problem that is often found is that you spend a lot of time styling your hair to make it look thicker and volume, but still your hair still looks thinner. Well, about any hair style, anyway, which will give the illusion that you have thick hair? Check out the full here!

1. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob

Having short hair for thin hair is one of the tricks to make your hair look thicker. Blunt bob hairstyles are rumored to be a trend for 2019, you know!
However, if you think this hairstyle is too stiff, you can add a thin layer of touch. Blunt bob is perfect for you who have an oval face shape or a heart shape.

2. Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair

A haircut with a touch of wave texture can make your thinning hair look more volume. This style is suitable for you who have long or short hair. With bright balayage, you can add dimension to your hair so the hair looks thicker!

3. Layered Hair

Layered Hair

Layer hair style is arguably one of the classic ‘tricks’ for those of you who have thin hair but want long hair. Because the hair is cut in layers, the top of your hair will look thicker. To add hair volume, you only need a hairdryer and a round brush!

4. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

Are you into 90’s style ? If so, a pixie hairstyle is perfect for you! Besides being able to overcome the problem of thin hair, pixie cut with bangs sideways is very fitting for you who have a small face. Although this hair is very short, you will be impressed feminine and youthful.

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